Get your product into stores across North AmericaNV Pets’ vast network of pet retailers and distributors across North America, we can get your products to consumers — fast.


Over 100 years combined pet industry experienceWith NV Pets’ broad pet industry experience, we’ve grown the brands of dozens of products through our strong sales channels.


Industry leading consulting to enrich your existing productWe’ve rejuvenated many of the products we represent through re-branding and modernization to adapt to the ever-changing demands of consumers.

Welcome to NV Pets

Whether you're launching a new pioneering product line, trying to find representation for an existing product, or interested in revamping and rejuvenating your product, NV Pets Sales & Marketing has the expertise and sales team to handle the job.

NV Pets is the first “hybrid” manufacturer rep firm that pioneers new product, especially consumables with a twist. The twist (what makes us a hybrid) is that we purchase your products, bring them into our warehouse and sell them across the country to pet supply dealers. Once the line is established in a geographic area, we go to our larger distributor partners and have them bring in the line, exposing your products to a larger sales force and guaranteeing our distributor partner a turnkey customer base on your line. We will still service your products but through our distributor partner. It is a win – win for everyone.

What started this unique idea? When you call a distributor to carry your line you will more than likely get turned down for several reasons:

1. The line only has a single SKU or few SKU’s.
2. The line has no track record. That is where we come in.

If we like the line, we will put it on under our umbrella and see what we can do with it, and in most casesm we can get it off the ground. Distributors are in the same boat — they do not specialize in pioneering new lines. Distributors are now calling us to take on a line for them with the understanding that we will turn it over to them once we get it established.

Pet products manufacturer representative

National representation

With vast networks of regional and national distributors, NV Pets Sales & Marketing has the connections that will get your product into stores across the country, ensuring nationwide exposure for your new product line. We’re constantly working to cultivate new relationships with distributors and maintain our positive long-term relationships with existing distributors. This means that we are able to easily get new products into and sold at some of the biggest name pet stores and franchises throughout North America

Multifaceted skillsets

From guidance launching a new label to assistance expanding exposure for an established product line to leveraging manufacturing products to get a new product in stores, NV Pets Sales & Marketing has a multifaceted skillset that can meet clients’ unique and diverse needs. We’re committed to putting all of our skills toward ensuring our clients’ products successfully get out into the market and enjoy a robust market demand, helping them maximize their visibility and improve their bottom line.

Over 100 years combined experience and expertise

We’re committed to leveraging our experience and expertise to get new and innovative products into the marketplace, from organic dog treats to wholesale pet supplies. As a leading pet industry consultant, NV Pets & Marketing boasts a Turn Key sales force with decades of experience and expertise. We’ll provide a nationwide sales force to small and medium-sized companies at no upfront coast in order to maximize the visibility of your product, drive sales, and facilitate growth.



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